Welcome to The Center for Play Therapy!
"For children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood." - Fred Rogers
How much does this cost?
- Initial Evaluation & Observation (1.5-2 hours): $300
- Individual Play Therapy Session (60 minutes): $150
- Individual Creative Therapy Session (60 minutes): $150
- Parent/Caregiver Support Session (60 minutes): $200
- Family Initial Intake (1.5-2 hours): $300
- Family Therapy Session (60 minutes): $200
- No-show or Cancelled Appointments Under 24 hours Notice: Full price of the missed session.
- Phone Consultations (for each 15 minutes): $60-$150 (based on client's regular fee for service)
- Records Request: Free
- Therapist-Child Observation Request (by parents - 15-30 minutes): Free
- Diagnostic Assessment for Special Education Services: $750.00
- In-School Therapy Session: $150.00
- School Consultation: Free
Yes!!! More information coming soon!
What about a
sliding fee scale?
I do offer a sliding fee scale based on family income and circumstances, which I will be happy to talk to you about when you give us a call.
Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check, or credit card (Visa & MasterCard).
Is there any wiggle-room?
I believe that every child and family has the right to seek help when struggles become overwhelming, which is why I dedicate myself to being as flexible as I am able to with my fees.